Fashion has now become the emblem of success where it is accessorized through the way you confidentially carry yourself. Rizaries has just recently entered the arena of Fashion and Style in 2016. 

Since our inception, our core mission is to bring out the shine that’s hidden within you. We are at a look-out to bring forth, creativity and design that is triggered by passion, to explore the uniqueness that exists around us all. Rizaries is a one-stop destination for the in-trend styles and designs that complete every great fashion look. 

At Rizaries, we thrive to enrich the lives of our customers through trendy and in-style, classic and contemporary accessories that include Crazy Socks and Living (Cushions, Rugs, Doormats, Wall Clocks and Paintings) which are bound to alleviate your presence and style within the crowd. 

With an excellent customer service expectation, combined with modern techniques and expertise, Rizaries is determined to provide you with extraordinary online shopping experience. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Our accessories are not only designed to Raise your Home & Living Beauty, but also to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your personality. You are free to choose your desired design and color that match your taste and personality.

Affordable Prices

We keep our prices affordable for your convenience. One of our staff is always waiting to answer your questions, so expect to be entertained right away when you contact us.

Browse our collection of fashion accessories and enjoy a great shopping experience here at Rizaries!


Being a part of the responsible Global Citizen, 10% of the earnings will be utilized for the education and wellbeing (Raising Standard) of children in schools in the developing nations.